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Recruitment Terms & Conditions

Office Charges:

We charge a Professional Fee for servicing and recruitment of Employment Visa as prescribed by Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.
The mode of payment is in kind of demand draft payable to Al-Rehan Enterprises, Mumbai. The Recruits who are recruited and travel through our agency are provided with proper bill / receipt as per service provided.
Our agency will not be responsible for any claim of cash payment made outside our office to any person.
In case of any dispute with foreign employer with regard to employment contract etc should bring to our notice immediately before confronting with foreign employer our office representative will present your problems directly to the foreign employer and get resolved with all means available.
Indian workers recruited by us can take the help of our Indian High Commission at all time.
The contractual conditions as laid down by MEA should be adhered strictly by both the parties namely the foreign employer and the employee. Any breach of contract by any party will attract punitive action under labour law.
Our agency’s responsible will ease after the completion of employment contract. The workers has at full liberty to extend /renew the contract with the same foreign employer solely on his own responsibility.
Once the Exit paper is issued by the foreign employer the candidate should return back to India and apply for fresh visa any overstay or working with another sponsor or same sponsor is illegal and the worker will be solely responsible for any cost and consequences.


DO NOT ABSCOND FROM THE AIRPORT ON ARRIVAL. In most cases we have found that the workers absconds from the airport at arrival or from the registered foreign employer before the completion of employment contract with the help of their friends/relatives already working there and works for them or with another foreign employer for better salary and perks. In such cases they may land in trouble as the case becomes strong for the foreign employer to take all legal action against the workers and that leads to languishing of workers in foreign countries.